Order your own Custom Art Commission and get a unique and personalized work of art. 

Please send me a photograph of what you would like painted or drawn and I will reproduce it for you. Or if you want you can send me a description and sample photos of the general idea you are looking for.  Please fill out the form below to tell me what you would like and I will also send a size and pricing guide as well as a commission form.

Remember to give me the specifics of what you want. This includes and is not limited to: size, colors, materials, content, style, etc.

Available for Commission are:

  • Watercolor Paintings
  • Oil Paintings on canvas or glass
  • Acrylic Paintings on canvas
  • Drawings done in
    • marker
    • pencil
    • color pencil
    • pen and ink
  • ***Coming Soon: Digital Art***


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