The Story of CAT BEE ART


It all started when...

I was a little kid and loved to draw and paint and throw pots, all of it. Art was my life and my passion, it continued into high school where my skills got even better, especially with the help of an art teacher in particular: Laura Baldree. She encouraged us all to create what we wanted and chase after our goals until we beat them and made new ones.

Then this thing called "adulting" happened. Suddenly it's get a real education and a real job. You will never make money or be successful as an artist. And the sad thing is that I believed them. So thousands of dollars and countless hours of my life later I still don't have a degree and SURPRISE SURPRISE, I'm making a living doing what it is I love. Art. Creating. I have never looked back.

Now Cat Bee Art started when I was inspired by a friend or two who had their own fabulous and incredibly unique businesses. I met all of these moms, who lived in Decatur who showed me that I can be a mom and run an awesomesauce business. (I'm so glad we moved to Atlanta!) 

The next influence came from teaching in art studios where people came in for painting classes and drinking a lot of wine. I thought, "I should do a traveling painting class!" It ended up being a bit more work than I had intended and didn't get quite the following I was hoping for. And it didn't make me feel good at the end of the day. So back to the drawing board.

So now I have turned Cat Bee Art into something a little different and bit simpler. Just drawing and painting, particularly marker, colored pencil, and watercolors. All of which make me HAPPY to work with, even when I get stuck with a piece. With the encouragement of family and friends I've made it this far and can see Cat Bee Art blossoming into an even more amazing brand. It's through the support of loved ones and most especially support from all of you that I can continue on this wonderful journey and pursue my passion. You guys are the best! Thank you!