Post Holiday Schedules

Hey everyone!

I don't know about you guys but getting back into a rhythm after being on holiday is crazy hard. Being in a different time zone, no real schedule, and running around like crazy. It's been slow so far but  I think in another week I'll be back on track. What do you guys do to get back on schedule? So far these are the things I am doing to get into the groove of the everyday life:

  • Taking the oldest kiddo to school (at the very least I get up and get dressed)
  • Keeping the youngest on a eating and sleeping schedule
  • Set bedtimes for the kids (now I need to make one for me)

Aaaannnnnd that's it so far, hahaha! I'm also setting goals for the week so I stay productive instead of listless. Oh, and there are also some New Year Resolution sort of goals. Some of them are staying in better contact with friends and family all over the world, going on a cheap family trip every 6 weeks, going on a date once every three months at least, and paying off debt. 

But anyway, getting back on track for me would include waking up earlier, working out, doing biz and art stuff, and going to bed at a semi-reasonable hour. When I get these things back in there I will be super happy! Well that's all for now!