Adventures in Ceramics

Hey dudes!

My husband (Jon) and I started making pottery in November 2016. We wanted to make some shallow sake cups for some friends of ours for Christmas before we moved across the country. We started at the Georgia Tech Art Center and we bought a lot of our materials from them and used a lot of the supplies that they had available there. ($FREE.99 is the best price!) There were a lot of other people there who were throwing that helped us out some. We also watched a crapton of youtube videos to try to figure this mess out.

Once we figured out how to make what we wanted (more or less) we went out and bought some better glazes at Dick Blick and then later Daven's Ceramics. These guys are really awesomesauce. (More on them in a mo.) So we started experimenting with the glazes, we tried a bunch of different techniques, types and so on. We even went with a dry mix! Dry mix is the way to go man, you can control more of the aspects and characteristics of the glaze. They usually come with instructions to help you get started. :)

Next we decided we should get some better clay. We are now the proud owners of a bunch of different kinds of clays...from porcelain (super soft) cassius basaltic (comes out almost black) and everywhere in between. Sometimes we mix them up to see what will happen. :) 

Here are two of the kinds of clay that we used! The porcelain came from Daven's but I couldn't find an image for it, but this one is quite similar.

So now we have spent many hours making soooo many sake cups all of them are slightly different. They've been bisque fired, glazed and refired. I think we ended up with 30 or so sake(ish) dishes. We made a grand total of four that looked like they could go together and were good enough for our friends' gift. Our friends have the final product, but these are some of the others that were being considered.

Since then, we have moved across the country and met some other people who really dig ceramics. They have a wheel, so we all went in on a kiln that we got from an old knife maker. We try different techniques, firing schedules, glazes, tools, etcetera with these dudes. We're thinking about getting a wheel for our house. But that has yet to be seen. We have a new goal now to make our own set of dishes, enough for five of each thing:

  1. Dinner Plates
  2. Salad Plates
  3. Big Bowls
  4. Little Bowls

It doesn't sound like much, a dining set, but there are a lot of sorta wonky pieces. So wish us luck! I'll post more pictures when we start back up on plate making. Holidays are crazy man.



P.S. The people at Daven's Ceramics are super nice, really knowledgeable about all of their products, techniques, etc. They have never failed to answer our questions. Here is a link to their website. Seriously if you are in Atlanta and want a good place to go, they're the ones.