Studio Liz is Going to Lilburn Daze Art Festival!

Hey everyone!

I'm super excited (kind of spazzing) about going to the Lilburn Daze Art Festival again this year! I will be doing some different stuff this time around, so be sure to come and check out our booth! Something else to look forward to are some giveaways that will be happening there, so make sure you stop by and enter to win! 

I was looking on the Lilburn Daze website and I found this picture someone took of our booth last year! How cool! A really nice surprise to be on their site!

My awesome aunt Patty helping me out at the Studio Liz booth!

My awesome aunt Patty helping me out at the Studio Liz booth!

Hopefully this year it won't rain, that was a bit of a bummer, but we were able to keep all of our painters dry with some preparedness and ingenuity! So guys there is no way for you to know what exciting changes we've made to the festival plan unless you come out! 

Before I head out I want to make sure you guys know about some new tutorials that I will be posting! Now you can follow along with me at home and make all kinds of wonderful things! The best part is that some of the tutorials are contests with fabulous prizes! Make sure you look for and try the online painting tutorials!

still spazzing out,