New Website Design Launch

Hey Guys!

I finally got the bulk of the new website design up and running! YAY! FINALLY! I still have to add some images and stuff, but that shouldn't be too hard. :D I also plan on putting in the new listings for commissions and changing what's available for scheduling. I hope you guys like the way everything is coming along. Oh and the best part is the new logo I am designing, the one I have up right now is temporary. (It is pretty though!) 

Some other exciting things to look forward to are tutorials through the blog and eventually youtube. (Never thought I would have my own channel!) You guys can create things right along with me! Be sure to check it out! I will also be doing product reviews, giveaways and more!

And depending on how long we will be here in Georgia I will put on another art show or two, and a festival for sure! The festival I am aiming for will be in early October, I will be sure to post details about that on the events page as well as the blog and other social media. 

Cheers guys!