New Focus

Hey everyone!

Spent a lot of time doing everything else in the world but art stuffs. So I have found myself with an inordinate amount of free time and have come to a few realizations. I am no longer teaching classes on the daily, parties or anything like that for now. JUST a traveling art studio is rather difficult. Once I have a brick and mortar place, traveling to places might be more doable...but I still don't want to do it unless I have more help. So no classes. Doing workshops that people sign up for, festivals and all that are still on. 

I am also changing what it is I do do. I will still take commissions, but more for drawing and watercolor. The drawing is still done on and with different mediums: paper, clothes, bags, marker, pencils, etc. The watercolor is the same but a bit broader. I will be making paintings on a lot of new materials, fabrics in particular. Should be exciting and fun!

Lastly, I'm going to start working on how Studio Liz looks and feels. Right now it isn't very me. I want there to be more beauty in it, magical and whimsical. So I'm off to start making some of these changes all over the place.