Grill Table Project --- Part 2

Update time! 

Now we have the final staining done on the grill and the multi-layered stenciling. This is how we did stuff and how it looks now.

So we took the beautifully stained grill table and did a light sanding to prep the surface area of the table we were going to  be painting on. Then gave that area a good rub down with paper towels to pick up any particulate stain. It doesn't take much and you don't want to over do it. Next we laid out this low adhesive contact paper, (it looks more like a clear film than anything) and drew out the first of seven steps, the Moon section. Once we had it drawn out we cut the section out with an exacto blade and peeled it off. (This is actually rather difficult if you don't cut all the way through the freaking sheets...So make sure you cut all the way through the first time!)

Afterwards we did the spray painting, we did two layers, once it has started to dry on the second coat but is still damp, you can peel up the clear sheets. If you wait until it is completely dry, you risk messing up the paint. 

Okay, we have to do this for each layer of the design, which would be fine, except it's crazy cold outside, so it takes a while for it to dry. The lowest we could get the steps down to was seven. Roughly, these are the seven steps in the design: the moon, the pig base, the pig highlights, the fishbowl helmet, the fire base, fire highlights, all the freaking stars. We're going to do a few on the top with the pig, and let the girls do some on other parts of the grill table. Evie really wants to be able to help out and sign it at the end before we seal it. Our rule is you have to help out to sign. She actually did a lot of the staining at the beginning. Crafty kid is only seven! 

Use the arrows on the slide show bit below to see all the different stages!

Slide show of our progress for this project so far. 

The final reveal will be posted as soon as it's all done, which has to be no later than the morning of the 19th of this a few days tops. Come back for the rest guys!