Concerts, Graduations and Birthdays! Oh My!

Hey Guys!

Back to the crazy stuff going on with us over here before the big move! The rest of this week is packed with all kinds of good things: holiday concerts, graduation ceremonies and birthday parties!

First up is Evie's holiday concert where she will be singing with her class a bunch of Christmas carols. There will be pictures and videos on facebook for sure. Tomorrow is an all day affair for Jon's graduation. It turns out that when you get your PhD you have to have not one, but two ceremonies; one in the morning and another one in the evening. Again loads of photos will be up I'm sure. The third event is Sylvia's birthday party, she's going to be three this year and going to a jumpy place where she will consume copious amounts of sugar with her sister and friends. This ensures maximum jump power!

So some of these pictures I'll post on this blog later, but if you want a bunch of them as they happen, check out my personal facebook page. :D

Oh! And we get to have dinner with some friends we don't see very often! I'm so excited to hangout with Monica and Andrew!!! YAY! ^__^ 

Of course in between all of these wonderful times we will be unpacking boxes for the movers, purging stuff we don't need, getting ready for Christmas and working on the different projects like the grill table and a few Christmas presents. (More on those in later posts!)

Lots going on, pretty much all good, just a little crazy; sounds like a normal holiday to me!

lots of love,