Artist Spotlight ---Ikeda Manabu

Ideally I would like to do spotlights on local artists, new and upcoming artists, and artists who are doing something pretty incredible. I think this guy is a good place to start. Ikeda Manabu is one of my new favorite artists. 

'Rebirth' by Ikeda Manabu This thing is 13 x 10 feet!

'Rebirth' by Ikeda Manabu
This thing is 13 x 10 feet!

This dudes work is done on such a large scale and isn't fully appreciated until you get closer to the work. The sheer amount of detail in every inch of his work is phenomenal. There is one theme that shows up in a lot of his work which really resonates with me: mankind and nature. The relationship there has always been incredibly interconnected despite the world view now that we're quite separate. Manabu's overall image is one of nature, life, and the incredible power there, yet inside the big picture, the touch of humanity and nature struggling together to live is there. 

I've attached a few links that have images of his work, his blog, interviews, and a few video clips. Be sure to check them out, some may require the website to be translated. The stuff this guy comes up with is crazy in a good way and very reminiscent of Hayao Miyazaki. Who is also very reverent of nature and our relationship with it. 

Check it out: