Interview with 10to8!

Hey guys!

I just had an interview with 10to8! I'm super excited! 10to8 is a scheduling/booking service that is really simple and fantastic. Love it! Anyways, Anne Hornsblow was helping me with an issue I was having on my booking site and loved Studio Liz! She liked the concept of being a mobile art studio, having several artists working with me, and thought the site looked beautiful! I'm completely flattered! 

So the interview was good, I was really nervous and it probably shows on video. :P But despite my insecurities about my appearance and public speaking abilities... I am very excited and happy that I had this opportunity to talk about Studio Liz and to share it with more people. (In this case ENGLAND!!!! OMG!) Oh, guys, I'm a jumping bean, I'm so excited! Just over the moon! 

So, 10to8 posted the interview on Youtube, later to their facebook page and more! I'm really happy guys. <3 :) I'm adding a link to the video if you want to check it out!