Success!!! Painting Class and Festival!


We just had a wonderful painting class outside at Dearborn Park! I'm so happy that you guys came out and made it a success!  I really enjoyed working with all of you and am excited to do more classes and projects soon!

Just from the number of people passing by who were  interested in painting but came a long too late in the lesson to really join; I've decided to paint or do a project that people can join at anytime. I will let you guys know when and where they will be, as well as the project. If it is a painting, there will be a variety of options for you to choose from. And as always requests in advance are always welcome. There will not be a sign up or anything. They will be a pay when you get there sort of thing and 90% of projects or paintings will be $10 and under to do. On occassion there might be some slightly more expensive ones.

More exciting news is that Studio Liz is going to be at the 42nd Annual Lilburn Daze Arts and Crafts Festival on October 10th from 9 AM to 5PM! The specific location is Lilburn City Park, 76 Main Street Lilburn, GA. As we get closer I will be sure to post updates: where are booth will be etc. I will ALSO give you a sneak peak of the cool stuff you can expect, but not everything of course! Surprises are awesome!

Guys you rock my socks!