Getting Started

OMG! Getting to this point has been crazy! I am super excited to be writing my first blog for my new website! I have been dragging my feet in some aspects of building my business. This was one of them. And to be quite honest one of the more important things for me to build. But since I have started I feel incredibly motivated and it's great to see my progress. I have finally figured out how to break up the overall project into smaller pieces. A lot of things are not up here yet, but have no fear they will be by the end of the week! *CROSSES FINGERS*

Here are a few things that you have to look forward to:

  • Photos! Lots and lots of photos!
  • The store opening up!
  • Class information and details!
  • Events!
  • Apparel!
  • Videos, how to's, latest ideas and more!
  • Newsletters!
  • Links to cool places!
Me being really tired, excited and happy! :)

Me being really tired, excited and happy! :)

I obviously have  a lot more work to do, but I am really enjoying it so far. Thanks to everyone who has put up with me thus far and to those who have helped me in any way. You guys rock my socks! Some people in particular are Jonathan Walker, Peggy Lankford and my mom and dad. I love you guys!

Stay tuned for more guys!