Show Success! What's that? Another Show? YES!

Hey Guys!

We had an incredibly successful show! We had loads of people come in to support all of us! It was absolutely crazy! I don't think I have EVER gotten so much work done; creatively and logistically. I met a bunch of new artists and friends too! I am still overwhelmed with it all! I am so happy! Oh my god guys! GAH!

So, we had live music provided by the talented Mark Grundhoefer, a multifaceted poet A. R. Cofsky, and several local artists (lovely friends) performing and displaying their work! I am putting up pictures and information about them and how you can get in touch if you are a fan. :D Also a shout out to Kavarna Coffee for displaying our work for a whole month! Thank you for providing a wonderful venue and awesomesauce staff! 

We also had some prizes that were given out! YAY! FUN! Some pottery from Tania Julian Ceramics and Gift Certificates from Studio Liz! And let's not forget all the yummy food and drinks!

Since this show was a great success, there is another one in the works. Updates to come! Thinking February/March. Oh! Lastly I would like to thank Daniel Smith and Theresa Dodds for their supporting Studio Liz! Your help and encouragement really mean the world to me. I'm incredibly grateful. (Look forward to something lovely in the mail!)

Don't forget to check out the Finished products page! There are loads of new drawings and paintings (framed) up for sale! 

Well that's all for now folks! Stay creative!


P.S. Hunter's website:

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The others I will post when I get specific addresses.