First Birthday Party Class...SUCCESS!!!

AHHHHH! I am so happy! I had the best time yesterday teaching at a young ladies birthday party. The girls were so much fun, creative, and super sweet! I would love to see, teach and be around more people like that. I uploaded a few photos of the class on the facebook page if you want to check it out. I wish I took more photos, but I ended up being a dj as well. Totally worth it, the girls seemed to love the music and had fun during dance breaks. :D

*sigh* so much work, but again, worth it. 


The festival is this coming Saturday guys! (10/10/15) We will be there all day in booth 17 near the kid zone and ponies. We will be doing open painting classes as well as a few structured ones as well. I will post more details on the event page. :D It is covered, so wind, rain, or shine we will be able to paint comfortably. I really look forward to seeing you all there. I can't wait! I am so (good) anxious for it to be Saturday! I want to get going already! 

Oh, well! There are a million things left to do for it anyway. I'm glad I have a bit of time to get it all done!

Lastly, there will not be an open painting class at Dearborn park that day. We will be at the Lilburn Daze Festival all day. I have rescheduled it for the following Saturday, October 17th from 10am to 12:30pm.